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Hotel management is a globally accepted professional career field and academic field of study. Degree programs such as hospitality management studies, a business degree, and/or certification programs formally prepare hotel managers for industry practice.

Most hotel establishments consist of a General Manager who serves as the head executive (often referred to as the "Hotel Manager").

  • Some hotels are built specifically as a destination in itself to create a captive trade, example at casinos, amusement parks and holiday resorts.

  • Though hotels have always been built in popular destinations, the defining characteristic of a resort hotel is that it exists purely to serve another attraction, the two having the same owners.

  • they are set at traditional holiday destinations which existed before the camps.

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Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).


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In China, archaeological evidence of medicine in Chinese dates back to the Bronze Age Shang Dynasty, based on seeds for herbalism and tools presumed to have been used for surgery.
In India, the surgeon Sushruta described numerous surgical operations, including the earliest forms of plastic surgery.

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A news conference or press conference is a media event in which newsmakers invite journalists to hear them speak and, most often, ask questions. A joint press conference instead is held between two or more talking sides.
In a news conference, one or more speakers may make a statement, which may be followed by questions.