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On-Premise Catering: On-premise caterers prepare and cook the food at the location at which it's going to be served. While this generally refers to event facilities, many are also open to working in a home, provided there is suitable space and equipment.

Off-Premise Catering: Off-premise services will bring pre-cooked and pre-prepared food to the event location.
Sit-Down Plated Meal or Full-Service Catering: This is generally the most expensive option, but everything is handled by the caterer. Even here there are options, as full service may or may not include passed appetizers, desserts and beverage stations.

In addition, full service catering generally includes accessories such as linens, plates, utensils, serving dishes and full clean-up.

Take Out / Pick Up / No-Service Catering: With this option the catering service cooks the food and packages it in bulk for pick-up. Plating, serving, dishes and utensils need to be taken care of by you.



Our Staff

Chef Lorenzo

Chef Lorenzo

Executive Chef

This is the head chef. He is the guy who creates the specials, orders the foods, and works as the general manager of the kitchen.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez

Sous Chef

The executive chef’s assistant, and next in charge, is a sous chef. It is the job of the sous chef to pick up the slack.

Aron Kozinsky

Aron Kozinsky

Line Cook

The most common title in the kitchen is that of line cook. Depending on your kitchen set up, you may have plenty.

Frequenly Asked Questions

1. Delivery is free for orders above 60 paxs or $600 for High-Tea packages.
2. Applied transportation fee of $42.00 outside CBD area and $52.00 within CBD area. Waiver of transportation fee above
60 pax for normal buffet. Waiver of transportation fee for high tea and $7/$8 menu above $600
1. We only accept VISA, MASTERCARD & cheque payments.
2. We ensure accuracy in our billing as all our transactions are automatically processed.
At least 1 working day in advance, before 3pm prior to function date.
A cancellation fee of 40% from the total order amount will be charged for any cancellation made less then 5 working days from date of function.

Our Services

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Catering services provided vary depending on the event and can include: cooking and delivering food to an outside location; cooking, delivering and serving food; and full-service (preparing food, providing service staff, decoration of event location, prep and clean-up). - Wikipedia
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