• Live performance (typically of music, although comedians, etc. may also appear live) before an audience.
  • Musical composition or recording without lyrics, or singing, although it might include some inarticulate vocal input.
  • Vocal music is a genre of music performed by one or more singers, with or without instrumental accompaniment.
  • Event ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the Festival.
  • Subdivision of the year, a quarter, referring to a successive recurrences of an event.
  • Institutions celebrating their own festival to mark some significant occasions in their history.
  • Two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal setting.
  • Nightclub (also known as a discothèque, or simply a club or disco) is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.
  • Retail business establishment that serves coffee and alcoholic drinks.
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